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If you are looking for an advanced, aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser for your vehicle, that prevents theft of your pride and joy, the CAN-PHANTOM is your solution.


The CAN-PHANTOM immobiliser is new and advanced technology that is revolutionising the car security industry.

Our security system prevents the car's engine from starting until you have entered your PIN code.

The device is retrofitted to the vehicle. This is carried out by one of our approved and qualified installers. 

Following installation, you will be able to set your own personal code using any of the supported electrical switches in the vehicle. 

This cost effective security device is value for money and will give you peace of mind. 


Fit our vehicle immobiliser, keep your car secure.


The price is for the CAN-PHANTOM fitted by our UK wide team of installers for added piece of mind. Installation only available to the UK and subject to the vehicle.


Also includes financing options at checkout.

CAN-PHANTOM immobiliser, fitted and installed by an authorised installer.

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